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Brandeis Bridges




A Partnership between Brandeis Black Students Organization (BBSO), Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee (BIPAC), and Martin Luther King & Friends (MLK)

Brandeis Bridges is proudly supported by the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund, CJP, SOAR, and other generous donors

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be a Fellow?

-You must be enrolled at Brandeis University as either a freshman, sophomore, or junior. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made for seniors. 


-You must be able to commit a considerable amount of time (1-3 hours) per week to Brandeis Bridges. 


-You must be available between January 2nd-12th for the Brandeis Bridges' trip to Israel.


-You must be willing to commit yourself to a full year as a fellow, along with all the responsibilities that come with this fellowship. 


-You need not be a part of BBSO, BIPAC, MLK, Hillel, or any other organization to apply. You need only identify as Black or Jewish to apply. 


-You must be committed to furthering the mission of Brandeis Bridges for at least a year as a fellow.

2. Is Brandeis Bridges an initiative of Brandeis University?

3. How much will the trip cost me?

No. Brandeis Bridges is a completely grass-roots student-led initiative. However, Brandeis Bridges has the full public support of President Frederick Lawrence, Dean Adams, along with other members of the administration, as well as the the head of university departments such as Professor Chad Williams at the department for African and Afro-American Studies (AAAS).

The trip is all expense paid thanks to generous donations from various sources.

4. Who can I speak to for more information about becoming a fellow?

Dahlia Kushinsky '17 ( co-coordinator


Amanda Anderson '17 ( co-coordinator


Rabbi Winick (Jewish Chaplain) rabbiw@brandeis.ecu


Cynthia Jackson '16 ( MLK & Friends


Ryan Yuffe '14 (


Amaris Garcia '16 (


Alex Thomson '16 (



5. What is the application process?

All details regarding the application process can be found under "Apply to be a Fellow."

6. Does Brandeis Bridges require me to conform to any political conviction or belief?

   To become a fellow, one does not need to have any specific set of political, social, or economic              beliefs. Additionally Brandeis Bridges does not wish to convince fellows of any specific beliefs.                Brandeis Bridges welcomes all opinions and perspectives. The only requirement is that fellows be            devoted to bridging the gap and building a relationship of mutual understanding between the Black and      Jewish communities at Brandeis.

7. What if I wan't to be involved but was not selected as a fellow?

     We still need your voice and your opinions! Even if you were not selected as a fellow, we would love to see your investment in our club activities including meetings and social events, and hope that you will apply again nest year.

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