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Brandeis Bridges




A Partnership between Brandeis Black Students Organization (BBSO), Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee (BIPAC), and Martin Luther King & Friends (MLK)

Brandeis Bridges in the News:

"With this in mind, the leaders of Brandeis Black Student Organization, MLK and Friends and the Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee, have joined together, despite their different interests, to challenge our communities to candid discussion, hoping to change the way black and Jewish students at Brandeis interact with one another.


In an effort to ‘lay the wood’ for these fires, these groups have joined to create a joint pilgrimage to Israel with a delegation of five black and five Jewish students. The aim of this trip is to use education and cultural immersion to bridge the gap of cultural differences and create an environment in which the participants understand each other better, and bond over what brings us together, rather than what separates us.


Called Brandeis Bridges, the intercultural pilgrimage will be the first step in enhancing and developing student leaders of various backgrounds knowledge and appreciation for all the Brandeis has to offer —exposing non-Jewish students to the importance of Israel in the lives of Jews around the world, as well as exposing students of Jewish descent to a culture that often goes overlooked on campus with a second pilgrimage to a site of equal importance for people of African descent."

“Dating back to before the civil rights movement, there was a robust bond between the black and Jewish communities. Leaders of both communities marched together at Selma and fought alongside on many other issues. Brandeis Bridges looks back to this period as a sign of great achievements that can be had through cooperation and mutual understanding,” Brandeis Bridges’ Facebook page states. “We believe strongly that Brandeis Bridges can begin to transform the campus environment between the two communities.” 

“Known as ‘Brandeis Bridges,’ a group of 10 Jewish and African American college students are set to arrive on what they are calling an ‘intercultural pilgrimage to Israel’ this [January], focusing less on tourist sites but more on specific points of interest between the two communities.”



“Imhotep says that the goals of the upcoming Israel trip are to ‘create an environment for black and Jewish students to engage in open and honest discussion about our differences and similarities and to hopefully add some more life and equality to our on-campus relations.”

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